Whether it’s a wedding, a special birthday or an anniversary, a Cheese Celebration Cake will turn the traditional cheeseboard on its head as well as add a show-stopping, jaw-dropping spectacle to a special occasion.

You can choose from three standard cakes – The Little Celeb, The British Classic or The Grand Occasion.

Or for those who want to stretch the boundaries of their cheese-fuelled imaginations, why not try our bespoke service where the possibilities are limitless?




Your cheese celebration cake will be delivered as individually wrapped cheeses. This will enable you to build your own cake and decorate it according to your own taste and requirements.
• Find a base of the right size to build your cake. A rustic wooden base usually works well. This will enable you to transport your cake around if you need to, even if it is just from the fridge to the table.
• Place a pre-cut round of greaseproof paper on top of the base to protect the cheese, slightly smaller in diameter than the cheese so it does not show.
• Remove cheese from wrapper. Now build the cheese onto your base. Layer each of the cheeses by size, using the largest diameter cheese at the bottom and positioning the smallest at the top.


Fruit, Herbs, Flowers - Fresh or Silk, Ribbon, Beads. For an eye catching effect that is simple to achieve, place the ingredients in clusters around your cake. Depending on the positioning of your cake, you may need to concentrate only on the front. If the cake is a centrepiece and can be seen all the way round, make sure you continue your decoration right around the cake.


• Please keep refrigerated below 5ºC.
• May be kept above 8°C for a single period of up to 4 hours, to allow it to be served or displayed. After this period, remaining food or foodstuffs should be either replaced under chill control until final use, or discarded.